The Cars

From hot new models, classics, and exotics to the latest in fuel saving, eco-friendly vehicles, there’s something for everyone when you cruise. It’s like people watching only with cars on the outside. If you don’t have your own ride you chip in for gas or borrow one from mom and dad. Sure, you might have to wash it but you would have done that anyway. You can’t cruise the strip in a dirty car….

From the sparkling chrome rings that may cost more than the whole car to the custom exhaust and beefed up engine the options were limitless. Where else could you find a tricked out Escort with lights underneath? The cars took on the personality of the owner and there seemed to be something unique every week. There were of course rumors of drag racing or “unsafe starts” but we will never admit can’t verify that they ever really occurred. By the way if you happen to see a red 69 Cuda this year let me know someone owes me 50 bucks.

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