Burger and Fries Please!

A&W, Dairy Queen, Big Boy, Susie Q and the list goes on. There was certainly no shortage of menu options on Gratiot Avenue. You could grab a quick bite or hang out for the night, either way it was mission accomplished. We’re pretty sure it drove the businesses a little nuts sometimes when there was more “hanging out” than eating going on but they treated you well. If those parking lots were full there were always the party stores armed with snacks, subs and soda so you never went hungry.

The really cool part is when the staff at your favorite haunt got to know you a little bit. Maybe you got served a little quicker or your order of fries looked larger or there was some flirting going on. That special treatment brought you a little closer to your local community and that is what cruising is all about. Getting out and meeting people and having some good clean honest fun!