All about the Fun

Remember this question. “What the heck do you do out there?” If you were a cruiser you heard that more than once and if you answered “Nothing”, don’t be ashamed you are not alone. Sometimes “Nothing” is exactly what you did. It was just night of driving around making the “loop” while you talked and goofed in the car and it was a blast!
That is the great things about cars and cruising, everyone is unique and there is something for everyone to enjoy and was there a better place to meet members of the opposite sex? It was always easier to strike up a conversation when you were in your comfort zone with your friends. Plus dinner and a movie were readily available without ever leaving the car!!

It’s a shame that the kids today won’t have the experience of catching a double or triple feature at the local Drive In. What a unique experience that was. Can you remember the horns beeping when someone drove around with their lights on or the movie was delayed? How about paying for 4 when you had 2 more in the trunk? Yes, it was wrong but hey you needed money for drinks and popcorn too!

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